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Day 6/365

Woke to the white fluttering down. Enough so I broke out the snowblower. It still took two runs and several hours. As inspired as I was to go exploring, lazily I took a couple white balance shots of the snow covered yard, then settled on my ’66 VW Type I. Its OK, Gretchen is hardy…

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Rock start weekend

Silence the Critic opening for Crobot. Surfaced from the immersion of great original music long enough shoot a couple videos. Enjoy. Silence the Critic: Find more Silence the Critic here: Facebook, REVERBNATION Enjoy the high energy of Crobot Band: Find Crobot Band here: Facebook, Crobot Band website, REVERBNATION

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Snoop @ Harry O’s

Many moons ago, circa 2006-ish, a former boss and friend spirited my wife off to an after party featuring Snoop Dogg at the now defunct Harry O’s in Park City. It was funny to me, clients in town for quarterly business review, boss and wife out all night. Like the pro’s they are, even managed…

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