Day 92 366

Some dumb dumb got his ass kicked (again). Yet he still wants to go outside. Now he’s in quaraentine like the rest of us. What I am listening to:Murder Most Foul – Bob Dylan

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Day 91 366

This cross post brought to you by the letter A for ads, B for beer, C for the color orange … I never look at the grocery store ads that come in the mail. Starting my third month of quarantine, I’m starting to read everything … for variety, and that boredom is setting in. What…

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Day 90 366

For the first time in over two months, I made it into the office. I have driven this road thousands and thousands of times. I’ve spent 4+ hours on this road during a whiteout blizzard. I have never made it door step to door step from the office to home in under 30 minutes. A…

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Day 89 366

Happy quarantine Sunday. Today’s picture is the beer I am enjoying after spending most of the day cleaning a gasoline spill out of my truck. New today, in addition to the picture of the day, I am going to include a link to some music that hit the sweet spot. Enjoy! What I’m listening to:Tab…

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