Day 48 366

One of my favorite beverages. Much better than that watered down beer produced nationally. Given the choice, if its not quality brew, I’ll pass. Prost!

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Day 46 366

My first thought when I took this picture. They must have hired a MBA to help reduce costs …. I hate most MBAs. They spend $60k, get that paper and decide that their ideas are more important than actual work and effort. Reading the WSJ is considered revenue generating. Actual business ideas to help drive…

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Day 45 366

She’s the first kid I knew about. I know I made her. I know who her mother is. I realize this reads as very insensitive. We do not care. We are non-traditional. Sarcasm runs deep in the familia. She is my favorite oldest kinder. She inherited her irreverence from me, her confidence from her mother…

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Day 44 366

We thought tonight was a tad hectic. Tomorrow will be worse. For those who do not follow convention, it adds sanity to the soul … and stomach. All the meats save pork was represented.

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