If You Do Not Vote, Democracy Dies

This bullshit propaganda trope of “voting blue secures democracy” really needs to stop. With all the big brains in that party, that’s all they could deliver for a message? I think its reflected of the top down leadership.

Refraining from poking fun at Biden’s stuttering nonsense, since highlighting people with disabilities is low brow.

However, for a president that said he would mend relationships by reaching across the aisle and then shit on his own words … hard pass.

One, the US is not a democracy, we are a republic. The old guy in office who’s been in politics as long as I have been alive should know this by now.

Two, participating in voting for the candidate of your choosing does not endanger the country. Its called exercising your rights.

How we vote is no ones business … except I am going to share a bit.

I give zero fucks to party affiliation. I care about what people stand for and how they are going to represent their district. Thats reflected in my voting.

When I briefly thought about entering politics, I had the opportuinity to meet Howard Dean. From that conversation, all I learned was, am I good for $5k or $10k and how many people could I invite to my house for similar cash donations? No substance. Nothing cerebral. Not even trying to promote an agenda. Just how much money can I throw into the machine. So yeah, nope here.

Vote your conscience, you do you. Hopefully your vote is for quantifiable reasons other than the fear trope of the day.

For the record, fuck this dude.

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