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Day 71 366

I ran some errands today, mostly out of curiosity about what people were still hoarding. Alcohol still not on their list. Tried to buy TP (for my family bung hole) from Amazon, earliest delivery date … April 15. Starting to get a little tired of stupid, gullible America.

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Day 59 366

Day 8 in confinement. No, not the Corona beer variety. Today I received a splurge delivery. Its all about the Bass and I am enjoying every moment of that darkness coating the inside pain receptors. Fun fact. In the land of the free, home of the brave; old, fat, scared politicians prohibit home alcohol delivery…

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Voting for sandwiches

Its once again that glorious past time where knowledgable and patriotic Americans line up in droves to decide the winning bobble-head for our countries mid-term elections. I know. I sound a little sarcastic. I probably am. But here’s the deal. Politics are like sandwiches. On the outside, everyone looks pretty much the same. On the…

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