Day 154/365

Two days. Flat on my back. Sick as shit.

The only internet I remember, news title: Billionaire-Owned Viking Cruises Involved In Collision, Leaving 7 Dead And 21 Missing [1].

A Viking river cruise ship was moored in Budapest after it collided with a smaller sightseeing boat on Wednesday evening, killing at least seven South Korean tourists. (AP Photo/Laszlo Balogh)

First, hopefully the missing are found alive. Second, accidents happen. Shit happens. Second, so why does Forbes need to add “Billionaire” in the title? I feel like its an oh shit, no shit moment. Anyone who owns a cruise line has to be rich, wealthy. Why is that a surprise? I figure its a matter of wealth shaming by virture signaling journalists. Then I want to default back to not attributing to malice for that which can be attributed to ignorance. Then I thought Forbes would be better, better than CNN, FOXNews, CNBC and the like. Then I though lesson learned through clarity of being sick. The news doesn’t report, they try to influence and push an agenda. Integrity isn’t a respected trait anymore. If anything, its a liability for all sides.


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