Pushups, Whiskey, Words and New Resolve … 2023

We hear stories all the time about how people do everything right. The habits, effort and discipline and somehow the world finds a way to shit on and defeat them.

We rarely hear about the people who only commit to half assed work and somehow land on their feet in a better position than most.

I have been both, with minor exception. The former was always self sabotage. The latter, well, unfortunately, I have a lot of history with.

When I quit smoking for the umpteenth time years ago, I remember listening or reading something along the lines of “your body does not remember a day when you did not have nicotine, a cigarette, a smoke, a craving”.

I have been thinking a lot about that lately. Wondering, if I put more energy and work into a better me vs. the chance and happenstance I have lazily accepted as my being for so many years, what would I be and achieve with purpose?

I am not going to write any new years proclamations or lofty goal statements for 2023. I’m just going to work on doing more push-ups, less whiskey and maybe document progress with boorish words and see what becomes.

Happy New Year.

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