Category: Current Events

Day 245 366

Brief hiatus over? I do not know that answer just yet. Nine months into the end of the world, America is taking center stage for the craziest of crazy. Bonus, I think I may have captured the most elusive Sasquatch, Bigfoot if you will. Listening to:

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Day 199 366

Listening to:, Wild Turkey 101 with ice and splash of water Interesting day today. One of my technical contacts: East CoastOne of my client mgt. contacts: IrelandCustomer: West CoastBrains behind the operation: Mountain time Had to wake up Ireland, to get information about West Coast so flyover (me) could chat up solutions with…

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Day 188 366

I have been troubleshooting an electrical issue. Most likely a ground fault … somewhere. I bought $20 USD worth of fuzes. Thankfully only the packaging melted.

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Day 182 366

With all the current outrage, this butter is now a collectors edition. Its like the JELLO package I have from the 1960’s. Next up, Aunt Jemima.

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Day 181 366

The last political hit piece of a book I read had me in stitches. Not so much because of the questionable truths laid out, but the shear volume of unchecked hyperbole. I expect nothing less from this one as well, and yet expect nothing from it all the same. It will be fun dissecting who…

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