Category: Current Events

Day 20 365

I took a brisk walk around the Capitol this morning before the inauguration. While bitterly cold, it warmed my soul to not see National Guard troops patrolling it.

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Day 19 365

I am so jonesing to get on an airplane again. This being trapped by the paranoia of COVID is driving me absolutely bonkers. Crappy photo and composition matches my mood.

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Day 7 365

323 days ago was the last time we attended a live music performance at the high school. I remember a time where I used to think it was a chore to make time for these. Between work and commute and work and life, taking an hour and a half out of my busy schedule to…

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Day 2 365

Moonshine is one of those drinks that is either Kool-Aid in nature, or something that can transcend interdemensional time and space. When done well, its both. The first time I drank this wonderful poison, I was in my late teens. I remember the burn from the sips. The uncomfortable warmth that flowed down my throat,…

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