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Day 249 366

Cafe Bustelo (a super dark Cuban-esque espresso grind) with whole cream and whiskey. We call it vacation coffee. The carafe was inspired by one shown on Umbrella Academy. My better half found this one on Etsy or Ebay or something. Delightful way to spend the morning on the front porch.

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Day 247 366

Steak and greens for the win. I know, its like double vegan without the actual meat. Likely only my poor sense of humor appreciates. Steak and greens, it does the body good.

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Day 186 366

Independence Day. Fireworks, alcohol, BBQ, and the mother of all inventions, mixing alcohol with candy while binge watching the Hunger Games (again). Happy Birthday America!

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Day 182 366

With all the current outrage, this butter is now a collectors edition. Its like the JELLO package I have from the 1960’s. Next up, Aunt Jemima.

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Day 178 366

I cannot remember how long I have been craving this wonderful poison. Frosted Mini-Wheats used to be my breakfast go-to. Sometimes I would spoil myself with some super buttery multi-grain toast to soak up the sugar milk concoction after the fact. Its been years since I had it last. I didn’t go quit full stupid…

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