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Day 14 365

January and February always bring about introspection, mourning, and asking myself what am I going to do different this year. Today I eat nuts. Keep the mouth busy while the feeding the brain.

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Day 5 365

Simple is nice. Macadamia nut encrusted Halibut with creamed butter nut squash. The dollop of sour cream was not necessary. It detracted somewhat from the earthy fullness of the squash. Bon Appetite!

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Day 3 365

The last of the junk food before returning back to work after the holidays. Have to say, I am not going to miss this one. Whatever allure it had over me years past, is well, passed. Onward and upward.

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Day 249 366

Cafe Bustelo (a super dark Cuban-esque espresso grind) with whole cream and whiskey. We call it vacation coffee. The carafe was inspired by one shown on Umbrella Academy. My better half found this one on Etsy or Ebay or something. Delightful way to spend the morning on the front porch.

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Day 247 366

Steak and greens for the win. I know, its like double vegan without the actual meat. Likely only my poor sense of humor appreciates. Steak and greens, it does the body good.

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