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Day 154 366

Beef Pasta. The OG Hamburger Helper flavor. I remember feeling accomplished the first time I combined home browned hamburger with this concoction of spices and pasta. Gone were the days of delivery pizza I mused at the time. Ha! Tonight I revisited this concoction, using it as a vestibule to share family history and stories…

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Day 135 366

Sandwiches, more specifically, grains are something I rarely eat. When this idea first popped up on a social media feed, I knew I had to try this. Super simple. Regular PB&J. Make the sandwich as usual. Heat up a pan. Butter the first side, place in the warmed pan, immediately butter the top side as…

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Day 133 366

Recipe Whisperer strikes again. My wife was craving home made chicken pot pie. I decided to check out of work a little early and try my hand at making this concoction. Normally I channel my Recipe Whisperer skill and just assemble other peoples food words in the order and manner they documented in their recipe.…

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