Taco Rice and Cheese, Revisited

One of the bennies of serving in Okinawa is easy access to Taco Rice and Cheese. Its the go to protein and carb load after a hard night of drinking as one walks their drunk ass back to base a couple hours before morning PT.

Its a simple recipe. Rice. Browned ground beef with taco seasoning. Cheese.

I’ve been making this ever since I left the island. Never recreating 100%, but close enough to trigger fond, drunken food memories. Good enough to impress the family.

Its been a hot minute since I last made it, and cravings being cravings … welp, I do what I does. This time, I changed it up, I added fried eggs. Why? Because fried eggs are awesome.

I remember finding this version years ago. I left Okinawa in the ’90’s. We weren’t this fancy BACK IN THE DAY. At least it pays homage to the OG.


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