This is Indictable.

Promptness to current events is not something I am known for. It usually takes me time to pay attention to whatever.

As an example, It took me years to watch Seinfeld. It was funny. It didn’t quite hit me like those who were watching weekly. Its fine, its on me.

Having a little downtime rolling into Easter weekend, I started paying attention to the Trump indictment news.

A lot of people I know are every excited about this. For good reason. Trump is far from sainthood. No revelation there.

Here’s the thing, grand jury indictments …

In the 1980’s a New York judge famously said, “If a district attorney wanted, a grand jury would indict a ham sandwich.”

Grand Juries are cherry picked, are coddled by the District Attorney, are confined in secrecy, largely absent of defense attorney’s, are spoon fed “evidence”, all without a judge’s oversight.

After reading the Trump indictment, they are basically charging him with repayment of a loan to his former attorney, Michael Cohen, for hush money payments to Stormy Daniels. The Manhattan DA gets to multiple charges because Trump paid in monthly installments. Each installment is a charge. Interestingly the indictment cites using campaign dollars. Except, it was Trump’s personal money. Even worse, the indictment references a falsification of records penal code (Section 175.10).

Essentially a typo can be weaponized into a felony. Fucking genius.

Trump, along with all his predecessors, are certainly not saints to be held in reverent esteem. If the system looked under the covers for all, imagine how many former US Presidents would have multiple felony awards on their chest?

We are all aware. Its not secret by any stretch.

This Manhattan DA (and string pullers) are failing to understand that the high road can be narrow and arduous, but the view is spectacular.

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