Category: Holidays

Day 3 365

The last of the junk food before returning back to work after the holidays. Have to say, I am not going to miss this one. Whatever allure it had over me years past, is well, passed. Onward and upward.

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Day 131 366

Every mini-holiday or weekend getaway plans this year have been interrupted. Something, something, pandemic and all. Since I cannot take the family to holiday, I can bring the holiday food to the family. Crab cakes, courtesy, coupled with home made slaw, fruit salad and grilled asparagus. Watching tonight: Bohemian Rhapsody

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Project 365 reboot Day 1/365

I used to do this years ago. I miss it. The Adventure. The tediousness. The frustration. The reward. The challenge is to find an interesting or meaningful subject every day, capture, frame, shoot and post. Or perhaps set yourself up with challenges, themes, concepts. Take one out of their comfort zone. Most importantly, just get…

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