Category: Photography

Day 118 366

Tried to see Starlink 6,7 as it passed by. No joy. Venus was nice and bright. Picture quality could have been better, but I neglected to use the tripod. At least the weather is warming up. Nice warm evening.

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Day 117 366

Funny story. During a business trip last summer, while unwinding in the hotel patio after-hours, a fairly drunk young woman mistook me for an old acquaintance. Hotel access required a room card, which she was having difficulty in managing her purse, phone, and key card in her drunken state. I helped her into the hotel…

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Day 116 366

This is a picture of my first air travel for the year. Terminal A, Denver International. Empty. The flight had 51 passengers on a plane that normally carries 120. Odd days indeed. Stay safe everyone.

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Day 106 366

Sometimes shot ideas come easily. Sometimes its like banging my head against the wall. Five days later, bingo, boom shakalaka! This is just the teaser.

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