Day 91 366

Cross posting

This cross post brought to you by the letter A for ads, B for beer, C for the color orange …

I never look at the grocery store ads that come in the mail. Starting my third month of quarantine, I’m starting to read everything … for variety, and that boredom is setting in. What I thought was interesting, was three different grocery stores with a sale on spiral sliced ham. My better half, looking at me like I am dumb, reminded me that Easter is on the horizon, hence the ad.

Skipping all the way to M for mini-bottle, a buddy of mine’s wife recently returned from the Caribbean (before the major lock downs), and I was graciously gifted with Jamaican rum. Yeah!

Swinging back to orange, this is the famous Shepards Pie paired with one of my favorite beer’s.

It was a Bon Appetite kinda of day!

Today I watched:

this absolutely bat shit crazy Richard Nolan interview (its alien related).

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