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Day 91 366

This cross post brought to you by the letter A for ads, B for beer, C for the color orange … I never look at the grocery store ads that come in the mail. Starting my third month of quarantine, I’m starting to read everything … for variety, and that boredom is setting in. What…

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Day 48 366

One of my favorite beverages. Much better than that watered down beer produced nationally. Given the choice, if its not quality brew, I’ll pass. Prost!

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Fat Tire, Utah Bound!

In joyous news the beloved genius brewmeisters from New Belgium Brewing are expanding their distribution into the socially awkward and alcohol constrained state of Utah! “As new Belgium reaches into new markets, they typically release special Fat Tire Commemorative packaging…and today we get to see two as New Belgium enters the Utah & British Columbia…

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