Day 117 366

Breakfast, not so essential AF

Funny story.

During a business trip last summer, while unwinding in the hotel patio after-hours, a fairly drunk young woman mistook me for an old acquaintance. Hotel access required a room card, which she was having difficulty in managing her purse, phone, and key card in her drunken state.

I helped her into the hotel and guided her intoxicated wall bouncing body to her room. Thankfully she was on the first floor. After placing her purse and phone on the counter by the television, I turned to leave. She called out asking me if I wanted to stay a bit. Confused, I turned around and saw she discarded her clothes standing only in her and bra and panties.

When we met eyes, it dawned on her that I was not who she thought I was and her bubbly smiling face melted into confusion and probably a touch of fear.

Smiling I backed out of her room, telling her good night.

The next morning during breakfast, awkward pleasantries were shared as we passed each other by that now empty table.

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