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Day 132 366

I spend a small fortune each year fighting to keep this beautiful weed out of my yard. The complexity of its seeding intrigues me. The obnoxious proliferation, when left unchecked, drives me absolutely crazy.

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Day 130 366

The worst thing I have taught my kids is sarcasm. Those rivers run deep and wide in this household. The best thing we taught them, confidence. They will drop kick your ass into next month if you get in their way.

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Day 94 366

Papa made some DIY PPE. Definitely not FDA approved. But it did settle him quite a bit. Either way, win-win. Today I listened to:Enjoy the Silence – Depeche Mode

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Day 92 366

Some dumb dumb got his ass kicked (again). Yet he still wants to go outside. Now he’s in quaraentine like the rest of us. What I am listening to:Murder Most Foul – Bob Dylan

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