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Day 15 365

I like to hang out here, especially in the winter. Its too damn cold for a crowd other than the fowl. Come warmer days, I’ll be walking the pond and fighting off the ankle biting geese.

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Day 8 365

I love going into the office early before anyone else arrives. Starting the day watching the sun emerge from behind the mountains, the ducks and geese huddling in the middle of the pond and me enjoying my morning coffee. I hate the cold in general, but somehow enjoy and appreciate when combined in this recipe.

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Day 2 365

Moonshine is one of those drinks that is either Kool-Aid in nature, or something that can transcend interdemensional time and space. When done well, its both. The first time I drank this wonderful poison, I was in my late teens. I remember the burn from the sips. The uncomfortable warmth that flowed down my throat,…

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