Category: Family

Day 154 366

Beef Pasta. The OG Hamburger Helper flavor. I remember feeling accomplished the first time I combined home browned hamburger with this concoction of spices and pasta. Gone were the days of delivery pizza I mused at the time. Ha! Tonight I revisited this concoction, using it as a vestibule to share family history and stories…

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Day 130 366

The worst thing I have taught my kids is sarcasm. Those rivers run deep and wide in this household. The best thing we taught them, confidence. They will drop kick your ass into next month if you get in their way.

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Day 125 366

Dirty finger nails (chicken coop build related), wrapped around a not as good as an original Cuban cigar. Tonight was fun. We burned some of the yard waste in the fire pit. I enjoyed tasty cigar and shared the music I grew up on with my youngest. Tonight we listened to a range of music…

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Day 82 366

Senior year, coming to a close while things are closing. Today’s outing was for senior pictures. Just because times are changing, doesn’t mean time stops. The clock still ticks and life is still lived. Bonus points, it was damn nice day to be out and about.

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Day 45 366

She’s the first kid I knew about. I know I made her. I know who her mother is. I realize this reads as very insensitive. We do not care. We are non-traditional. Sarcasm runs deep in the familia. She is my favorite oldest kinder. She inherited her irreverence from me, her confidence from her mother…

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