Category: winter

Day 49 366

Its that time of year. The temperature averages sub freezing (the Farenheit variety). My wife starts sharing her flee the cold plans. [snip]“She smelled of daisies …”“She drive me crazy …” “Gonna take her for a ride a big jet plane”[snip]

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Day 38 366

I want to start a podcast to interview these people who destroy their vehicles on a daily basis. How did this happen? Weather fine. Yet their dumb ass off the side of the road … why? how? Not pictured, the car in front of the police car, obviously rear-ended. By the dumb ass who left…

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Day 30 366

Photo courtesy of my Mrs. She drove my car to work today so I could take her’s into the shop for oil change and tire rotation. While I was sitting sipping coffee and reading the news she was getting pulled over for non-working taillight (vehicle recall), and improper signal x’s 2. Thankfully no citation ……

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