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Day 6 365

We survived a dryer fire the day after Christmas. We caught it as it was starting, thankfully. A couple of blasts from the fire extinguisher, a visit from the fire department, no damage to home or family, I figured the next steps were to contact Samsung support. The good. The Samsung support team was very…

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Day 54/365

There are two countries on the planet that allow bio-pharma to directly advertise to the general public. New Zealand and the United States of America. Two countries who allow big pharma to advertise directly to citizens. As one who never Googles/Bing/Duck.go/ their symptoms pre-Doctors visit, this amazes me. As a professional in my field, I…

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You want to see my ID?

This happened a couple months ago. Not new news to most since I have (over) shared this encounter numerous times over numerous free beer fridays. Not nearly as much as my mango story, but if I stay on this earth another 19 years, i will give the mango a run for its money. Back story:…

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