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Day 30 366

Photo courtesy of my Mrs. She drove my car to work today so I could take her’s into the shop for oil change and tire rotation. While I was sitting sipping coffee and reading the news she was getting pulled over for non-working taillight (vehicle recall), and improper signal x’s 2. Thankfully no citation ……

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Day 11 366

Took a family field trip to a bird refuge where they were show casing a couple owls. Thankfully we showed up early, it filled up quick with multitudes of families with itsy bitsy children. One of the fun activities, disecting owl pellets full of Vole’s. Vole’s, a small mouse like rodent with a life expectancy…

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Day 6 365

We survived a dryer fire the day after Christmas. We caught it as it was starting, thankfully. A couple of blasts from the fire extinguisher, a visit from the fire department, no damage to home or family, I figured the next steps were to contact Samsung support. The good. The Samsung support team was very…

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