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Day 7 365

323 days ago was the last time we attended a live music performance at the high school. I remember a time where I used to think it was a chore to make time for these. Between work and commute and work and life, taking an hour and a half out of my busy schedule to…

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Day 125 366

Dirty finger nails (chicken coop build related), wrapped around a not as good as an original Cuban cigar. Tonight was fun. We burned some of the yard waste in the fire pit. I enjoyed tasty cigar and shared the music I grew up on with my youngest. Tonight we listened to a range of music…

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Day 109 366

This provided the tunes for today’s yard work extravaganza. Today I listened to eclectic tunes from: Satta Massa by Sly and Robbie (

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Day 95 366

Every time I watch those “promoted” cooking shows on the socials, the kitchen is spotless, the cooking precise, the execution flawless. What does that means precisely? Their post video editing and promotion skills are above and beyond their cooking skills. We (my household) can whip up the most super delish food that brings tears of…

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Day 94 366

Papa made some DIY PPE. Definitely not FDA approved. But it did settle him quite a bit. Either way, win-win. Today I listened to:Enjoy the Silence – Depeche Mode

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