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Day 92 366

Some dumb dumb got his ass kicked (again). Yet he still wants to go outside. Now he’s in quaraentine like the rest of us. What I am listening to:Murder Most Foul – Bob Dylan

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Day 89 366

Happy quarantine Sunday. Today’s picture is the beer I am enjoying after spending most of the day cleaning a gasoline spill out of my truck. New today, in addition to the picture of the day, I am going to include a link to some music that hit the sweet spot. Enjoy! What I’m listening to:Tab…

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Day 69 366

My 1980’s era Technics SL-DL5 old fashioned music maker has met its maker. Its likily repairable. I just need to start hitting the swap meet again to find its replacement and hopefully chat with some COVID19 susceptible folks.

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Day 62 366

Local youth symphonies performed for friends and family at Abravenel Hall this afternoon. I audio recorded their play and captured the protectors taking their reprieve.

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