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Day 136 366

To say I’m a skadoosh tired of the media fear mongering, would not be an exaggeration. Fuck these fear creating assholes. Fuck the click bait fucktards. Fuck everyone trying to ruin the worlds economy. We’re back, we’re spending our money locally, and anyone who gets in the way can jump the fuck off into obscurity.…

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Day 110 366

In honor of the umpteenth day, a reminder and a cheers. Prost! Today I listened to my body whine about all the yard work from this weekend.

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Day 109 366

This provided the tunes for today’s yard work extravaganza. Today I listened to eclectic tunes from: Satta Massa by Sly and Robbie (

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Day 94 366

Papa made some DIY PPE. Definitely not FDA approved. But it did settle him quite a bit. Either way, win-win. Today I listened to:Enjoy the Silence – Depeche Mode

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