Not alone (after all …)

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Alone, but not alone. Not that it is really the point. We are all alone eventually.

We are even more alone in the sanctity of our echo chamber because that chamber is eventually taken over, rewritten, redistributed and assailed to the world to the furthest extreme.

In that sense, ones chamber now becomes ones prison. Held hostage by the controlling vitriolic idealists, one must either align with or risk the shout down and retribution for not taking the extreme position as the loud-mouthed arm band wearing minority.

Today was uniquely not alone. The post dinner conversation was ripe with reality, emotion, and riveting multidimensional insight not usually common in the historical sense. Captivating. Intriguing. Insightful. Thoughtful.

In a word, refreshing. Knowing, feeling, and experiencing that I am not the lone baby turtle facing the unknown alone without fear of being consumed in an echo chamber is comforting.

Knowing I do not have to wear an armband to feel inclusive, bonus points.


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