Jesus, conservatives and the irrational

From the onset, Jesus has nothing to do with this post other than the fact that my first thought about this topic is … Jesus, what the fuck is wrong with some people.

Note, I did not say “these” or “those” people. Simply, some people.

Background. Nike, they make shoes with a swoosh sound. Then there is the lackluster, mildly talented, wanna-be quarter back who fucked the hopes and dreams of the SF 49’ers a few years back, and a shit ton of conservative folks taking Nike to task for highlighting said never-was.

Here are some words onĀ Kaepernick’s background.

Here is the original Nike ad-ish:

My favorite meme:

To be honest, I am frankly amazed at how many people are polarized by this. I get the sacrificed critique. Seriously, what did he sacrifice? His NFL career? Certainly not his life. So yeah, big fucking deal. His career suicide was self inflicted, if he didn’t walk into this wide eyed, we’ll, that is his problem.

But wait! Observe the ZOMFG! FUCK BURN NIKE INTO BANKRUPTCY movement!!

I almost posted one of those pictures, but the two above met my bullshit threshold for the day. Another rendering of a conservative snowflake burning $100 dollars worth of athletic equipment isn’t worth the digital space on this page.

I get being offended. I really do. I am offended nearly every god damn day, yet, somehow, I let that shit just roll off.

Take this evening for instance. The local grocery store quadrupled their self-check out lanes. I’m seriously fucking offended at this non-sense. A grocery store tricking us into doing their job?! Fuck them. I intentionally went to the human occupied checkout stand, didn’t vent, and just participated in the consumer to goods provider experience. The only one who heard my rant, as weak as it was, was my better half. And even that was short lived.

So yeah, get your titties/panties/balls in a pinch over Kap, Nike and the media concocted controversy. Nike will sell more shoes, Kap will get more endorsements, and social justice warriors on both sides will bloviate to the world their injustices and think their words will effect change.

Good job being distracted. It served its purpose.


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