Inspired my first comic

Every couple of days, Led Zeppelin’s “Communication Breakdown” starts playing in my head (replacing girl with job and strike love entirely) Predictably its immediately after I mouth “WTF just happened”, followed by examining the letters I strung together, to construct the sentence, in the simplest form possible, to convey clear and concise communication.

This frequency of this phenomenon seemingly increases year over year. I have lost track of how many times I press Reply All, composing what I believe are another string of letters constructing elucidating content, only to be discarded and deleted from drafts. I mean, if the first communication was so easily misunderstood, foolish am I to think a subsequent follow-up will do any better. 

Taking the conversation out of written form with phone calls, conference calls, and the most effective of the all, the magical face to face, all continue to crush this spirit when the inevitable “clarification” e-mail arrives later clearly deviating from the earlier agreed upon consensus.

With that, my first ever comic. 

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