Day 11 365

Pandemic or no, I’ve been going to the office more regularly. There is a certain dynamic that is lost on the “essential” work from home regime. While I may be a lot more productive in the home office, the lack of separation of work vs. home is starting to grate on my nerves. My only…

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Day 10 365

Celebrating seventy seven rotations around the sun, these forks soon had their turn. Brats, SpƤtzle, schnitzel and rotkohl and desserts in plentiful abundance. Murder mystery next; who done it, where and with what? What a fun night.

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Day 9 365

We are tracking #firsttime moments in 2021. This is the view of the Wasatch Range looking from the east side of the mountain range from Eden, Utah. Back to #firsttime. In my entire adult life, I cannot recall ever going cross country skiing. When the invite came, not gonna lie, I wanted to find some…

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Day 8 365

I love going into the office early before anyone else arrives. Starting the day watching the sun emerge from behind the mountains, the ducks and geese huddling in the middle of the pond and me enjoying my morning coffee. I hate the cold in general, but somehow enjoy and appreciate when combined in this recipe.

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Day 7 365

323 days ago was the last time we attended a live music performance at the high school. I remember a time where I used to think it was a chore to make time for these. Between work and commute and work and life, taking an hour and a half out of my busy schedule to…

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