Day 138 366

After working the yard all day (and barely making a dent), this is effort I expended for today’s daily picture. I think this is the classic definition of, mailing it in.

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Day 137 366

We’re building some shiz in the yard. Better half says, grab some wood stain. Doesn’t provide any color advice. I’ve never used blue stain, but going all in for it now.

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Day 136 366

To say I’m a skadoosh tired of the media fear mongering, would not be an exaggeration. Fuck these fear creating assholes. Fuck the click bait fucktards. Fuck everyone trying to ruin the worlds economy. We’re back, we’re spending our money locally, and anyone who gets in the way can jump the fuck off into obscurity.…

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Day 135 366

Sandwiches, more specifically, grains are something I rarely eat. When this idea first popped up on a social media feed, I knew I had to try this. Super simple. Regular PB&J. Make the sandwich as usual. Heat up a pan. Butter the first side, place in the warmed pan, immediately butter the top side as…

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