Chicken Bomb

It feels like yesterday when I shared my latest food find, the infamous Bacon Explosion, with anyone one in earshot. Mastering that decadence was just one the many wins I accumulated along the path to my Recipe Whisperer title. The Bacon Explosion: Take Bacon. Add Sausage. Blog. – The New York Times In that vein,…

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Two Steps Backwards

Alternate title: SCOTUS says “Fuck Women” Roe v. Wade, one could argue was one of the cornerstones of women’s rights. Gone. Poof. RIP. Crazy enough, at the height of the COVID vaccine controversy, I half heartedly joked that the vaccination fights would kill off all respect for “My body, my choice” and eventually end R…

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Day 20 365

I took a brisk walk around the Capitol this morning before the inauguration. While bitterly cold, it warmed my soul to not see National Guard troops patrolling it.

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