Day 55/365

Warming up before recording. Funny story. Our latest song, which is published in Spotify, was pulled by YouTube when we posted a plug to drive people to our Spotify. The fallible algorithms, while just doing their job, are irksome at best.

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Day 54/365

There are two countries on the planet that allow bio-pharma to directly advertise to the general public. New Zealand and the United States of America. Two countries who allow big pharma to advertise directly to citizens. As one who never Googles/Bing/Duck.go/ their symptoms pre-Doctors visit, this amazes me. As a professional in my field, I…

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Day 53/365

To show love is to give dying. In much the same, the moment of life is the beginning of death. Somehow cut flowers are appropriate?

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Day 52/365

Creativity. Talent. 10,000 hours. Individually, not nearly as powerful as when combined. Each alone, appreciable, but useless without action. In a society of mass manufacture, consumption and disposal its unique efforts and implementations I appreciate the most. Alexa, Google, Sonos all serve their limited purpose. None compare in aesthetics and use of this beauty. Rare…

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