Day 193 366

Finally done working. First beer going fast. Dropping an observation as I finished updating my EU counterparts. Europeans’ out of offices are like “I will not be working until 18 September. All emails will be automatically deleted.” Americans: “I am in the hospital. Email responses may be delayed by up to 30 mins. Sorry for…

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Day 188 366

I have been troubleshooting an electrical issue. Most likely a ground fault … somewhere. I bought $20 USD worth of fuzes. Thankfully only the packaging melted.

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Day 186 366

Independence Day. Fireworks, alcohol, BBQ, and the mother of all inventions, mixing alcohol with candy while binge watching the Hunger Games (again). Happy Birthday America!

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Day 182 366

With all the current outrage, this butter is now a collectors edition. Its like the JELLO package I have from the 1960’s. Next up, Aunt Jemima.

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Day 181 366

The last political hit piece of a book I read had me in stitches. Not so much because of the questionable truths laid out, but the shear volume of unchecked hyperbole. I expect nothing less from this one as well, and yet expect nothing from it all the same. It will be fun dissecting who…

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