A for Effort, C- Presentation

Prelude (unnecessary words before the pictures).

After years of loyalty to the Calphalon brand, we finally had to update some of our pans. Instead of re-investing in Calphalon, Zwilling Henckels were introduced to the family. In short words, they delivered.

I have been experimenting with omelets with the new pans, something I gave up with the old due to stickiness and uneven heating.

Here is my latest attempt.

I am Sautéing mini bella mushrooms, some fat cuts from leftover filet mignon and fresh spinach.

Omelet ingredients

A couple minutes later, and we are ready for the eggs.

Sauté looking good

Here I poured in 3 whipped eggs with a couple splooshes of heavy cream. Note: These eggs are from our flock of city dinosaurs we started raising after the world lost its COVID mind and paying $8.99 for a dozen eggs in early 2020.

Eggs added

This is where my trouble started. Obviously too much volume for the size of the pan, combined with my subpar capability of flipping and folding omelets in general.

The quality of the pan helped quit a bit. I turned the heat down a skadoosh and kept jiggling the eggs with the pan and spatula. Bonus points, I never had any issues with the eggs sticking to the pan. Everything just floated perfectly in the butter foundation.

Here is the result. Not great looking, slightly overcooked on the bottom, but smack dab full of flavor.

Omelet plated

Yes, yes, yes, I know. I am terrible at plating. And never mind my cheating with the tube guacamole.

Bon appétit, enjoy!


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