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Day 133 366

Recipe Whisperer strikes again. My wife was craving home made chicken pot pie. I decided to check out of work a little early and try my hand at making this concoction. Normally I channel my Recipe Whisperer skill and just assemble other peoples food words in the order and manner they documented in their recipe.…

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Day 84 366

I really shouldn’t eat these. Zero nutritional value. They do not even taste great. Its just one of the childhood memories that I have never been able to shake. Bon ‘appetite, enjoy!

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Day 76 366

If any of the “news”, or more apt, the bobble heads on the noise box is to be believed, the end of times is near. Instead of freaking the fuck out like those dip shits on the TV would want us, we’re once again putting money into the shrinking economy. Because, fuck those blow hards.…

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