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Chicken Bomb

It feels like yesterday when I shared my latest food find, the infamous Bacon Explosion, with anyone one in earshot. Mastering that decadence was just one the many wins I accumulated along the path to my Recipe Whisperer title. The Bacon Explosion: Take Bacon. Add Sausage. Blog. – The New York Times In that vein,…

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Day 178 366

I cannot remember how long I have been craving this wonderful poison. Frosted Mini-Wheats used to be my breakfast go-to. Sometimes I would spoil myself with some super buttery multi-grain toast to soak up the sugar milk concoction after the fact. Its been years since I had it last. I didn’t go quit full stupid…

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Day 165 366

Essential AF lunch. I’ve only had three full weekends off since the COVID panic started. Not bitching. I enjoy consistent paychecks. Bon appetite!

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Day 155 366

Apparently this week is food photos. I know, I know. So inspriational and motivating. Pat me on the back later. </sarcasm> Frankly, my motivation to be interested is at an all time low. I turn on the TV and immediately regret that decision. I switch to reading the news … nope and noper. I am…

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