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Day 154 366

Beef Pasta. The OG Hamburger Helper flavor. I remember feeling accomplished the first time I combined home browned hamburger with this concoction of spices and pasta. Gone were the days of delivery pizza I mused at the time. Ha! Tonight I revisited this concoction, using it as a vestibule to share family history and stories…

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Day 153 366

11 days ago was my latest post. It was a picture from a local restaurant’s out side waiting area. A bench. It was closed. We had to wait in our car to receive a text when they were ready for us. Today, after a brief haitus, another local restaurant picture. This one from The Angry…

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Day 138 366

After working the yard all day (and barely making a dent), this is effort I expended for today’s daily picture. I think this is the classic definition of, mailing it in.

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Day 136 366

To say I’m a skadoosh tired of the media fear mongering, would not be an exaggeration. Fuck these fear creating assholes. Fuck the click bait fucktards. Fuck everyone trying to ruin the worlds economy. We’re back, we’re spending our money locally, and anyone who gets in the way can jump the fuck off into obscurity.…

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Day 110 366

In honor of the umpteenth day, a reminder and a cheers. Prost! Today I listened to my body whine about all the yard work from this weekend.

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