Tag: 2019

Day 19/365

Winter Hof festival. A time of celebration of culture. Dancing, food, good drinks. Except this year changed. The food. They advertised “hot purple cabbage” and “hot/cold potato salad”. What the actual fuck? Its Rotkohl (red cabbage) and German potato salad. Its made with vinegar, not the shiny white shit these posers presented. We still danced.…

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Day 18/365

Hydrocodone. A schedule III drug. Easily accessible. (pictured below). Highly addictable. Marijuana. A schedule I (amongst the retards), easier to obtain despite its illegality in this state. Non-addictive. Whilst not condoning consumption of either, my picture shows what is easily accessible pending the appropriate medical treatment.

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Day 16/365

Wanting to be heard. Likely one of mankind’s biggest … (choose the adjective). I found this little gem at a swap meet. What is your message if this was the delivery mechanism? Who is your audience?

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