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Day 248 366

Actually, finally visited a bar in Salt Lake City now that they finally went into YELLOW. Whatever that means. Anywho, ended up at The Green Pig tonight. People I’ve never met, but all sharing a common bond of sensibilities. A bar tender (and author), a business owner, a sales person, two FedEx drivers (one prego…

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Day 245 366

Brief hiatus over? I do not know that answer just yet. Nine months into the end of the world, America is taking center stage for the craziest of crazy. Bonus, I think I may have captured the most elusive Sasquatch, Bigfoot if you will. Listening to:

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Day 101 366

I took six days off from posting. I wish I took six days off from working vs. posting. It’d be a shit ton more fun. Work is freaking the fuck out, we have to prove we’re doing the needful via bullshit gameafiable metrics. The metrics should be, is the fucking platform up as expected? Yep,…

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Day 94 366

Papa made some DIY PPE. Definitely not FDA approved. But it did settle him quite a bit. Either way, win-win. Today I listened to:Enjoy the Silence – Depeche Mode

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Day 90 366

For the first time in over two months, I made it into the office. I have driven this road thousands and thousands of times. I’ve spent 4+ hours on this road during a whiteout blizzard. I have never made it door step to door step from the office to home in under 30 minutes. A…

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