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Day 116 366

This is a picture of my first air travel for the year. Terminal A, Denver International. Empty. The flight had 51 passengers on a plane that normally carries 120. Odd days indeed. Stay safe everyone.

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Day 90 366

For the first time in over two months, I made it into the office. I have driven this road thousands and thousands of times. I’ve spent 4+ hours on this road during a whiteout blizzard. I have never made it door step to door step from the office to home in under 30 minutes. A…

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Day 38 366

I want to start a podcast to interview these people who destroy their vehicles on a daily basis. How did this happen? Weather fine. Yet their dumb ass off the side of the road … why? how? Not pictured, the car in front of the police car, obviously rear-ended. By the dumb ass who left…

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