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Day 46 366

My first thought when I took this picture. They must have hired a MBA to help reduce costs …. I hate most MBAs. They spend $60k, get that paper and decide that their ideas are more important than actual work and effort. Reading the WSJ is considered revenue generating. Actual business ideas to help drive…

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Day 38 366

I want to start a podcast to interview these people who destroy their vehicles on a daily basis. How did this happen? Weather fine. Yet their dumb ass off the side of the road … why? how? Not pictured, the car in front of the police car, obviously rear-ended. By the dumb ass who left…

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You want to see my ID?

This happened a couple months ago. Not new news to most since I have (over) shared this encounter numerous times over numerous free beer fridays. Not nearly as much as my mango story, but if I stay on this earth another 19 years, i will give the mango a run for its money. Back story:…

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