Twenty Four

Goal was eighteen, bested by six. 

I said, “We should be consultants for commercials.” 
She said, “That’s called marketing.”
My stomach hurts now. 

Woke up to bag pipes, poorly played trumpet(s) and Opera.  Success.

Discovered Black Violin . Nice twist.

2,000 miles in five days.

Mickey Rats, Sahlens, the best god damn hot dogs ever! GMO inseminated fields bordering miles and miles of highway, beautiful Cleveland, Cedar Point, long boarded Joliet, White Castle over rated, Hooter’s delivered, Tilted Kilt exceeded expectations. Introduced Pickle Back to Laramie. Resisted kidnap temptation. Tyrone found a good home.

Words Matter:

Non-benign government news / Final reason to never trust media.  

U.S. Repeals Propaganda Ban

OK, this is the real reason: Racist Remarks Re-markedly made by news professionals.   Between all the talking heads and staff, no one called bullshit on these names?  Takes a special kind of stupid.


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