Category: Photography

Day 11/365

In 2017 we visited Cuba. As culture shock goes, Cuba is definitely in the top 5. One thing that was striking was all the vibrant, yet aged tile nearly everywhere we went. While this isn’t from Cuba, it is Cuba-esque.

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Day 10/365

I have always been a fan of the Doors and the iconic Jim Morrison. Sometime circa 1990 in Kin Town (Kinville), Okinawa while in what is best described as a non-sober state, I watched a laser disc music video of Danzig’s “Mother”. In awe I kept vacillating in thought that Jim was still alive! and…

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Day 9/365

Birthday present (illuminated) next to a Fuller original. Former represents not only a thousand words, but thousands and thousands of miles. Latter, functional art.

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Day 8/365

Twenty-ish years I threw away all my vinyl dating back to the ’80s because of MP3s, Naptser and a Rio Music Player. Then came iTunes, Google, Amazon, Spotify, etc, ruining music ownership with their closed walled garden DRM architecture. A few years back I started growing the collection again. Yard sale, estates, flea markets and…

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