Tag: whiskey

Day 199 366

Listening to: Ryno.cc, http://stream.ryno.cc/ooDrinking: Wild Turkey 101 with ice and splash of water Interesting day today. One of my technical contacts: East CoastOne of my client mgt. contacts: IrelandCustomer: West CoastBrains behind the operation: Mountain time Had to wake up Ireland, to get information about West Coast so flyover (me) could chat up solutions with…

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Day 88 366

We busted out the board games. Tried playing this Zombie game again, you know, end of world and all (/sarcasm). After we finally figured out how to play, decided to end it quickly. Its way too long, way too redundant. We will likely donate it, someone will find its value. And yes, there is/was whiskey…

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Day 72 366

Physical therapy went well, at first. Hours later in hobbling like a cripple again. Hence the “mailed in” picture for the day. Steak, mushrooms, bacon and zucchini. Oh, and bourbon … for the win.

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