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Day 247 366

Steak and greens for the win. I know, its like double vegan without the actual meat. Likely only my poor sense of humor appreciates. Steak and greens, it does the body good.

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Day 163 366

In these bizarre times, we automagically go from lock down to moderate risk, yet the COVID infection rates continue to climb. Taking a risk, supporting local economy, we went to steak night at one of our favorites. Great talking to old friends we haven’t seen in months. Great to just get out and about. Best,…

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Day 76 366

If any of the “news”, or more apt, the bobble heads on the noise box is to be believed, the end of times is near. Instead of freaking the fuck out like those dip shits on the TV would want us, we’re once again putting money into the shrinking economy. Because, fuck those blow hards.…

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Day 72 366

Physical therapy went well, at first. Hours later in hobbling like a cripple again. Hence the “mailed in” picture for the day. Steak, mushrooms, bacon and zucchini. Oh, and bourbon … for the win.

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Day 44 366

We thought tonight was a tad hectic. Tomorrow will be worse. For those who do not follow convention, it adds sanity to the soul … and stomach. All the meats save pork was represented.

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