Day 54/365

There are two countries on the planet that allow bio-pharma to directly advertise to the general public.

New Zealand and the United States of America. Two countries who allow big pharma to advertise directly to citizens.

As one who never Googles/Bing/Duck.go/ their symptoms pre-Doctors visit, this amazes me.

As a professional in my field, I would give zero fucks to an outsider proclaiming their expertise in my field based on their cusory knoweldge of how to google/bing/duck/fuck their way around the internet.

Then there is today. New product. New purchase. These fuckers don’t even pretend to care. Not cotton ball. No pretending to make up the extra space.

And yet we worry about global warming and such, but nothing is said about this kind of waste. 60 pills in a container that could hold 240 … or more.

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