Day 10/365

I have always been a fan of the Doors and the iconic Jim Morrison.

Sometime circa 1990 in Kin Town (Kinville), Okinawa while in what is best described as a non-sober state, I watched a laser disc music video of Danzig’s “Mother”. In awe I kept vacillating in thought that Jim was still alive! and when did he get buff? I think the term is swoll these days.

I do not remember the bar. I know it wasn’t East Coast. It doesn’t really matter, I felt it my duty to break on through and tell all the people of my discovery. Scrambling around the ‘ville gathering the boys to share my find, no one was impressed.

Twenty plus years later I picked up this dity from a talented artist in the Frenchman Art Market (Marigny district, New Orleans).

Here’s to reliving memories!

The End.

Jim Morrison portrait piece.

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