Coward Eats Again

December 20, 2013, Utah was thrust into political throws over gay rights when the Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals federal Judge Robert J Shelby issued a ruling stating that Utah’s Amendment 3 was in violation of the Constitution.  Three days after his decision was handed down the first legal gay marriages were performed in Utah.

It is a bit to chew on, but I recommend everyone read the ruling and process the words as they were written instead of relying on someone’s interpretation. Don’t worry it is double spaced, so its a fairly quick read.

As one consumes the ruling it is quickly apparent that this is not an activist ruling as some of the weaker minded have claimed, but a thoughtful and thorough decision based on facts presented, and review against previous and on-going court activity on similar matters throughout our nation.  But honestly, isn’t this expected of our politically active?  There really should not be any surprise here.

While I understand how the conservative right fears this decision, it does not mute, silence or hide the fact that there is a sizable gay population that lives and thrives and loves in the state of Utah.  A sizable portion of the population contributing to society that simply wants the same basic legal rights afforded to hetero married couples.  What is so wrong with providing everyone the same rights?

Will of the people.  The rally cry of the defendants.

That same rally cry used historically to try and preserve …

  • slavery
  • women’s rights
  • segregation
  • interracial marriage
  • housing rights

And those ended … oh that is right.  Those who opposed ended up on the wrong side of history. Surprised?

Then there is the plain ludicrous.  Some self appointed savior decides his feelings and interpretation of the law trumps all and commits to “fasting” until Utah uses nullification to override the federal ruling.  Because fasting is how one solves political problems. Because gay rights is a plot to over throw religion.

Now that SCOTUS issued a stay against Judge Shelby’s decision, our self appointed savior and coward eats once again after 15 days of fasting … and thinks it cute to ask for us to feed him.  Class act this one is.

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