Ammo Shortage? Conspiracy Theory? Now Stop it!

I’ve been living in this self inflicted bubble of ignoring the majority a news for the past 10 years or so because most news is biased and presented with what I believe is agenda based, based on your beliefs.  If you are right leaning, Fox News is your go to.  If you are left leaning, CNN is the obvious choice.  Now I realize these are overly simplistic stereo types, but where there is smoke there is fire.

During this past weekends camping trip, there was an opportunity to take the firearms out for a little exercise.  I didn’t re-stock last time out because I have never experienced an ammunition shortage before.  Like milk, I fully expected there to be plentiful supply.  Like common sense in politics and unbiased reporting in our news media, I quickly found ammunition to be in non-existent supply.

We’re not talking 5.56/.223, or 7.62 missing from the shelf; I found those in plentiful supply. I am talking good old fashioned varmint, target and aluminum can plinking rounds of .22LR.

After talking with several customers and staff of stores I will not name, I was quickly briefed on the grand conspiracy of the Obama/DHS intent to disarm American’s. 

Holy ZOMFG! Where have I been?  Why have I been asleep at the wheel?  Without access to .22LR, how can I defend my family against the big bad military complex that will come after me?  Come after me with their 5.56 and 7.62 caliber rounds. And body armor, and armored vehicles, and air support … without my plentiful supply of .22LR, how could I possibly ever fight this abhorrent constitution raping government of ours?

Did I mention there was plenty of 5.56 and 7.62 available for sale?  Good old fashioned, reliable rounds with serious take down power.  I also noticed S&W .40, .45 ACP a plentiful.  Didn’t see any/much of the .380/.357, which actually makes sense. 

So now I am faced with the decision of forever be disarmed or join the disarmament fervor and religiously stalk the retailers who sell ammunition so the next time I want to take the kiddo’s out to shoot the over priced zombie targets I can do so without having to borrow .22LR ammunition from my friends and potentially place them in a dangerous disadvantage of shorting their stock pile in unfortunate event they have to defend their life, property and liberty.

Sarcasm aside.  Can you fucking hoarders simmer the fuck down?  Jesus Christ, you’re actions are causing this self fulfilling prophecy of scarcity and contributing to the god damn madness our elected officials are cyclically causing.  Instead of listening to the air bags on the radio on T.V., exercise some common sense and help me vote these self interest serving douche bags out of office. 

I know its hard to read through the issues and fully understand the butt rape our politicians willingly offer us up to their financial backers, and how much simpler it is to watch the evening dribble and learn whom is fucking whom, stare at the gams of the Fox News babes or swoon affectionately at the sound of that British buffoon’s voice.  I mean, this is precisely why I selectively ignore 99.9% of what the official talking heads try to corral us into believing or care about.

Do me a favor. Step away from the idiot box.  Do the research on your own, make decisions that are yours and help me vote the assholes making our country the most corrupt and despised country on the planet. 

Remember, there used to a time when Soviet KGB spies defected to the US for a better life.   


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