Day 51/365 – the dry spell is over?

Or just more excuses?

There is this saying, the path to hell is paved with good intentions.

I have done a couple of these 365’s. I have never done one 100% in spite of my efforts.

This year is no different. First miss was work related. Easy excuse, work pays the bills. My photography and writing, not so much.

Then it was the weather. Its too damn cold.

Next was perceived negative feelings because I missed not once, but twice and … well, do the math. Something something minus last day I posted.

And finally, I got it my head, my way, personal interference (Isn’t that a 15 yard penalty?). More to the point, I started to worry about what people would think when I finally started shooting and posting again. Its not like I have any reach, much less an audience to appease. In the back of my mind, I had an uncomfortable itch forming that kept me away from the camera. Fear.

But, but, but, I am shooting for me, no one else. This posting is just part of the exercise. There isn’t an algorithm I am trying to beat, or master. I am not looking for the exposure, just the release.

Its the story (or stories) I want to tell. Thats what brought me back.

Not for lack of imagination, I share a glimpse into my family being billionaires (sarcasm) and how sometimes we waste so much food … it drives me bat shit crazy.

I present the breakfast that never was. It was prepped well, just never executed. By that I mean, it sat on the counter hours and hours after made, long since forgotten by the family member.

To quote Trumpf, “Sad!”

Toast covered in butter and jelly.
Toast covered in butter and jelly.

Edited, apparently I mathed wrong again. Its day 51, not 50 … double Sad!

Daily food Photography

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