Another failed suicide attempt …

There is a meme along the lines of 

I was left unsupervised.

that will be the patch I sponsor, wear and promote membership to a gang of like minded dumb-asses, who in spite of our great brilliance, sometimes do incredibly stupid fucking acts deserving of shame and humiliation. 

In my defense, my Mrs. had to work late tonight. 

Feeding the family rested on my shoulders.

This is the shit I opted for out of sheer convenience. 

I knew we were in for a world of hurt when I passed my credit card to the glazed eyes, hickey marred, skinny ass tweaker manning the fast food window.

The coleslaw tasted like dried up sweet pickle remnants.

The onion rings. Depression soaked fried breading.

The chicken. Tired ass, wannabe spicy, KFC chicken at twice the cost.

The worst part. I know better.

My only consolation, something I cannot extend to the children I poisoned, is my sorrows in liquid form.

Liquid Redemption

food life

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