Justify the lie

I used to work with a uniquely naive “gentleman” who was incessantly lied to by his “idol” over the most trivial of statements. If Idol brought food in, he’d make the claim it was fat free, or low calorie without a hint of question. During our annual salsa pot-lucks, he’d claim his hot (brain damaging hot) salsa was mild. Countless times the gentleman fell to the lie. Each time never questioning the source. Never once questioning the validity of the statement. I always wondered how the gentlemen continued to justify the lies one after one.

The other day as I am racing to the office to make the 9:00am sales call, my lazy ass couldn’t get out of bed in time, I make a bet with myself. If I can make to 600 North in 5 minutes, I have 5 minutes to get to Apollo Burger for their gyro breakfast burrito, and another 5 minutes to race down the freeway to the office to make it time. I make it to 600 North at 8:35. I tell myself, if I’m not at Apollo by 8:40, mission is off, return to base (RTB), no exceptions. I roll in at 8:41. I don’t call off, I proceed to order. There is a line, its 8:47 before order arrives. I arrive at the office at 8:55. Technically in time to dial in, but missed all my internal time lines but one. I justified the lie.

I think it was Zig Ziglar who talked about if you hit the snooze on the alarm clock, your starting the day off with a win deficit. A chalk mark in the loss category as it were. That is when I changed the alarm to music. I justified the lie.

I get on the scale daily. I am not gaining weight, maintaining a steady mildly obese stasis. Physically, visually, I can see the changes. I am starting to feel weaker, cheeks are puffier, neck is thicker, had to buy new belts and slacks. I explain myself away of not going to the gym due to my busyness, my hectic schedule, my commute, the rain, the lack of rain, yard work, social engagements … I justify the lie.

What lies do you justify?

Why do we continue?

We know better.

We know the answer.


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