Better than a mulligan.

What if, and I realize its a big if. This IF so fucking huge, it’d make the Israeli / Muslim conflict look like a lame ass popularity contest, it’d make everyone realize how irrelevant pop culture retards are, well, retarded and insignificant. It would make everyone see the corruption in our political system at face value. It would be so significant it would force the players of the game to renounce the game itself. Or is the word disavow? I cannot remember what the latest linguistic preference is.

What if we could see the intentions, the undercurrent, the desire of those who wish to control us the most? Would we still support them? Would we still have their back? Want their success? If we truly saw their character, their history and future? Would we still vote for them, justifying somehow that their win would benefit us … when we knew the truth? Could we handle the truth? Could YOU handle the truth?

I phrase this as a question to peak your interest, but I think, you know the insignificant impact you have on whatever decision is to be made. You want to feel included. Believe the words that resonate with you. But deep down, you know you are a tool, a means to an ends. An instrument to be played on your own dime. 

Or do we wake? you? the world? and act before the for the inevitable mulligan? Knowing we cannot afford the mulligan?

Who are you in the tool shed of life? Do you truly represent what you think you do?

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