Losing an Arguement on the Internet 101

I recently engaged in an internet discussion turned argument in which my discussion was labeled as a personal attack.  I characterize not only the discussion a loss, but also stumbled upon yet another person tied so strongly tied to their position that anything counter is a “personal” attack.

Our topic was Mr. Snowden, hero or criminal?  Good vs. Evil.  Their perspective vs. my perspective … meaningless dribble in the grand scheme.

The greater point; this is yet another symptom in what I term the pansification of America.  

Years ago we could chat up our neighbors and debate politics, religion, sports and the like until the sun set.  At the end of that day, we were still friends.

Today when we discuss(argue) any topic, regardless of acquaintance status, unless your are in a like minded environment, facts matter less than emotions. Thoughtful positions = targeted questioning which invariably hits an emotional chord and suddenly the discussion ends.

While I would like to think my positioning was not personal, one cannot re-engage once the emotional air bag triggers have been deployed, else be perceived a bully.  And we know how afraid our country is of the bullies.  

The old phrase, “Sticks and stones and may break my bones, but words will never hurt me.”, is never more.

Edited title.  Grammar and spelling, not a skill I claim to have.

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  1. You so lost me at the "the pansification of America" comment. As an American I take this as a direct personal attack. Who are you to assert that I, as an American, am a pansy. You really should bottle up your opinions before you really hurt someone with these demeaning words.



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