Random (really) Musings

Recently discovered Fringe, apparently JJ Abrams connected.  Surprised, not so much now I’m mid-way through the first season.  Saddened more so I didn’t discover until after it ended.  Meh, It’s no surprise really, I’m pop culture day late and a dollar short. 

Hours away from first road trip in years … eons more like it. Putting kids in charge of finances.  Excited more than scared.

Back to JJ, can’t help but wonder if Super 8, while a family favorite, was designed more to put him in trusted status with Spielberg so he could take on both sides of the sci-fi coin of Star Trek and Star Wars?  Stranger things have happened.

Direction change!

Rouge, fired, LAPD cop goes on offensive against , dun Dun DUN! the LAPD.  LAPD retaliates by shooting a 71 year old in the back

Prediction 1. If he lives longer than a week more, information will surface he’s a pedophile, terrorist, liberal/conservative, racist, gun/peace nut. 

Prediction 2. When caught he will have “committed suicide” instead of being placed into custody.  Really, who wants his story to no air more than the people he’s trying to kill? 

Prediction 3. This is nothing more than a false flag to convince the imbeciles who watch FoxNews and CNN that guns are bad, cops are good, and anyone who believes otherwise is a candidate for Obama’s kill list.

Pardom me whilst I’m off to create me Esty brown shirt/red arm band fashion product page.

Fuk yeah ‘Merica!



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